Digital Economy

Whenever you can find the news about digital economy, you probably can think about what is main proposition global digitalization?  I have been try to find the root explanation for this term and now I prepare short blog post. Moreover I maked the parallels for our current working expreience with product development for education and datacenter recovery as a service.

The main goals for National Program "Digital Econimy of the Russian Federation"  - create the simple world wide web avaiable for everyone, protect the information for citizens, business and goverment, improve the efficency for the main economy sectors, prepare the personnels for working with information in digital environment, increase the amount of costs for development the digital economy in the country GDP by 3 times.

There are 7 directions in the "Digital Economy 2024" project:

Regulation IT-infrastrucure Personnel Cybersecurity Technologies State administration AI

From the our side our company offer our experience for the following projects realization:

1. IT-infrastrucure: creating the trusted systems for data processing and storage. Competence DR as a Service. 
2. Personnel for digital economy: creating online-services for the educational organizations. Competence OpenEdu и LMS.
3. Digital Technologies: creation and development of end-to-end digital technologises (SCT).  Comptenece ESB, SSO.


In conclusion, I would like to say that digital economy is the main focus for development world wide and we are working accordingly to the in this stream.



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