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Live and learn! This proverb, in addition to wishing for a long and happy (implied) life, also offers an active life position -- self-development through the knowledge of the new. We ourselves love to learn, and all our teachers are engineers with extensive experience and teaching experience. They will be happy to share the knowledge they have gained while developing projects, maintaining hardware and software, performing installations and fine-tuning various computing systems.

To conduct courses, we have all the necessary equipment, from simple to enterprise-scale computing systems. Our training center conducts both original courses developed by our teachers and certified courses from Oracle, Huawei, Astra Linux, Bellsoft and Orion.

One of the largest enterprise software and server equipment vendors, a world leader in database management systems, middleware and business applications (ERP and CRM systems, specialized industry applications). Our training center conducts certified training courses on the main product lines of the Oracle corporation.
W orld leading supplier of smart devices and information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure. In our training center you can find a wide range of authorized training courses in the direction of data transmission networks, cloud computing, storage systems, artificial intelligence and much more.
Astra Linux
One of the leaders in the Russian IT industry, a leading manufacturer of software, including secure operating systems and virtualization platforms. All Astra Linux products are included in the register of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia. They are used by large enterprises, state corporations, ministries and structures, whose demands on the quality of IT solutions are a marker of their high level of security, reliability and convenience.
Developer of the Russian Java platform, founded in 2017 by the management team of the Oracle Development Center in St. Petersburg. The engineering core is formed by OpenJDK developers who have 25 years of Java development experience and actively contribute to the development of the platform.

Russian software development company, specializing in solutions for commercial and government organizations to modernize IT infrastructure and launch digital transformation processes, successfully implementing projects in the field of import substitution. The company's portfolio includes 2 products included in the register of Russian software of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications. Our training center provides training courses on zVirt, a system for securely managing a virtualization environment using a single Russian-language console.


Russian company, developer of database management systems. The open source PostgreSQL database management system with a free license has been supported by the international community of developers for over 25 years, and the contribution of Russian developers to its development is significant and recognized by the international community.

The full courses catalogue is here, you can check the courses schedule here, and you can read about our training center on this page. You can sign up for courses by contacting us in any way convenient for you.