Services delivery company

Our company have a great experience in
technical support, IT-outsourcing, software development and professional education services.

Installations & Audit

We can professionally and promptly help You with installation and configuration and perform audit of the existing system.

Performance Analysis

We can identify and fix Your problems without purchasing additional hardware or software.

Fault Recovery Services

We know typical bottlenecks of the modern systems and we understand how to prevent severe bruises and injuries for your business.

Service Desk

Online support, call center, field engineer support. Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, other regions and countries. Any SLA up to 24 / 7.

Enterprise Software Development

Any level of the complexity, intranet solutions, Java EE, Spring, online education solutions. Liferay-based enterprise portals.


Hundreds of the IT-courses! Certified instructors with wide practical experience.

Our Portfolio

We have a more than 20 years of experience in information systems creation, deployment and support.
During these years our team have successfully completed hundreds of projects in different business areas -- from banking systems to education solutions.

BNP Paribas Cardif

MyCardif: appliances & auto extended warranty portal


TVBS SMS: billing system from digital TV providers

Pearson Vue

Authorized Pearson Vue certification center


Enterprise portal and telephone numbers online shop


Authorized courses and technical support


SmartData Portal: marketing research data processing system


Hardware technical support for the customers in whole Russia


SkillFactory online school

About Us

Our company is focused on complex technical problems resolve. We can help You how to solve problems in setting up and operating computer equipment, developing and maintaining modern information systems and complexes.

Our Team

When a company decides what to do, it behaves like a small child or teenager trying everything. Can I be a writer? No, better, probably, a bus driver! I know, I know, now I know for sure, a pilot or an astronaut! We didn't have that kind of uncertainty, we always knew what we wanted.

We, in this paragraph, and in general within our company, are the key word. We are a community, an association of people who long ago, as children, decided that we would not become astronauts or bus drivers! Someone later, someone earlier, on the advice of friends, parents, was attracted by an incomprehensible, blinking lights, buzzing and flickering monitor - a computer. And with them everything that in the modern world is called IT -- information technology.

We are people who are interested, who care. How to correctly configure the stripe size and cache size for the database, how to make it so that no unnecessary I/O operations are performed? How much computing power and virtual machine memory can we save if we set the parameter to this value? We want to squeeze everything that they are capable of out of software and hardware systems, and even more! To do this, we shovel through piles of information in the documentation, delve into source codes and binaries, try and experiment, so that later we can lean back in satisfaction, check everything again and call, write -- there is a solution!

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Компания Tune IT
197022, Россия, г. Санкт-Петербург,
Каменноостровский пр., д.27 литера Б, строение 3н,
 Петроградская (схема прохода от метро)
  +7 (812) 325-44-40, +7 (499) 649-72-73