Our Products & Solutions

Liferay Portal Systems

Development and full support of Liferay-based portals. Any level of complexity: from small intranet to global billing system!

Open edX Solutions

Learning management systems, course catalogs, virtual laboratories... Everything you need to transfer your education process online!

Enterprise Intranet "Out-of-Box"

Ready-to-use intranet portal with all the necessary features, easy to install and configure. And free of charge!

Zabbix Monitoring Solutions

Powerful modern monitoring system, large collection of templates for it and qualified support in configuration and maintenance.

Sharing experience

If you have been doing something for a long time, you like your work, and you are good at it, you eventually develop your own set of approaches to how to do it most effectively. So we have more than 20 years of work on various IT projects have accumulated quite a lot of "know-how" that we can share with our customers.

Know-how and products

It is this "know-how" that is the basis for the solutions we offer. Each of them is a finished product designed to solve a problem that in our opinion is typical for modern business. Our experts solve both "applied" and "infrastructural" tasks, therefore our products are designed both for end business users and administrators of modern complex IT systems.

Stay tuned!

Since our team constantly faces new challenges and gains new experience in solving them, the list of products on our website is also constantly updated. So stay tuned for updates in this section!