Dear visitors!

In this section you can submit a service request, control the processing, as well as view the history of your requests.  You have to be registered on our site for case manipulation. If you do not have an account, you can create it. When you create an account  be sure to use e-mail address in the domain of your company.

We accept requests for warranty and contractual technical support. Case entitlement and service level are determined by our Help Desk  engineer, please provide system serial number and / or contract details. In time of case registration you should select  priority:

  • P1 - system does not work - immediately contact the duty engineer via phone;
  • P2 - the system works, but its performance, logs or alarms indicate a serious hardware or software failure;
  • P3 - system can perform its functions, but its operations are difficult, abnormal, and cause you problems;
  • P4 - general questions, as well as requests for additional services.

Please register the P1 requests via hotline: +7 812 3254440. Requests of priority P2-P4 can be registered by filling the form on the website or by sending an e-mail to

Preferred case registration method is using registration form. This can help us to save your time for entitlement processing.

For some vendors, hardware or software integrators, there are additional contact information:

  • Huawei-Symantec 8 10 800 25601044 ()
  • Elcom +7 812 325 25 53 ()