About project

Compact Tags is a JQuery-based portlet for Liferay portal, which improves standard tags cloud portal look and feel by moving it to a sliding side panel.

Source code and war are available on our GitHub repository:

Download source / war

Project page on GitHub

Portlet deployment & configuration

1. Download war (or build it from sources).

2. Copy war to portal autodeploy directory (or deploy it manually).

3. Place portlet on the portal page.

Build from source code

CompactTags portlet based on Liferay Maven SDK and can be built using every IDE with Apache Maven  support (e.g. Netbeans, Eclipse, or Idea) or directly using CLI. In order to build the portlet:

1. Install Apache Maven.

2. Download source code from GitHub or import it using git.

3. Unzip archive and run Maven:

mvn install

Created war archive will be available in /target folder in project directory.