TopNews Portlet

TopNews portlet

About project

TopNews is a simple portlet for Liferay Portal which displays 3 links to some content (e.g. journal content articles, blog posts or external resources) illustrated by images. Links to resources and images can be configured in portlet preferences interface. The portlet is created with Liferay Maven SDK, based on JQuery and available under OpenSource License.

Source code and war are available for download from our GitHub page:

Download source / war

Project page on GitHub

Portlet deployment & configuration

1. Download war (or build it from sources).

2. Copy war to portal autodeploy directory (or deploy it manually).

3. Place portlet on the portal page.

4. Open "Preferences" interface, upload images and set links to content.

Build from sources

TopNews portlet is based on Liferay Maven SDK and can be built using any IDE with Apache Maven support (NetBeans, Eclipse or Idea) or directly using Maven CLI. In order to build the portlet:

1. Install Apache Maven on your OS.

2. Download source code from GitHub or import it using git.

3. Unzip archive, go to project folder and run ant script that builds war:

mvn install

Created war archive will be available in project's /target directory.