Modern information system ia a complex of software and hardware with integrated network  from different vendors.  It is very interesting, difficult and exciting to work with such systems.

According our experience we know well how it is difficult to begin solving a new task.   Will I be able to do it? If you are not sure in your experience and knowledge we can do your project ourselves but with your active participation. More than we need difficult tasks for confirmation of our high qualification. You are welcome with you important and extraordinary projects and we are ready to offer you the optimal solution.

We are seeking for perfect execution of all our tasks . Therefore if you are a specialist in any field of IT technology we'll be glad to invite you in participation of our projects.

We are ready to cooperate with you according different conditions (part time work, with labor agreement) if it is possible for you and your main employer. We try our best for avoiding conflicts between companies.

Contact us if you have interesting and unusual cases, we are ready to discuss with you possible solutions and  different opportunities of our collaboration.