Software development

Any information system consists of two parts – software and hardware, and its efficiency depends equally on both of them. That's why, in addition to hardware installation and support, our company is engaged in software development for enterprise information systems.

Success of software product installation depends on many factors. We stick to 4 base principles in our work, which ensure efficiency of our solutions:

Competence in subject area

First of all, developers should thoroughly understand the subject area, customers' activities, project's business value, and find ways to increase its business efficiency.

Non-functional requirements analysis

Developers should define additional non-functional requirements to the product, which are presented by the customer and his IT infrastructure, and offer architectural solutions to meet these requirements.

Using appropriate technologies

Developers should posses a wide range of knowledges and skills in their practice area and be aware of emerging technologies. It helps to choose the most appropriate set of technologies according to the architectural requirements.

Close co-operation with the customer

During the software development process and software installation developers should be in touch with the customers' representatives, discuss with them advantages and disadvantages of current software version and improve it according to the results of these discussions.

Our specialists have years of experience in developing a great variety of software solutions – from desktop client applications to web-portals and complex enterprise information systems. We use both popular open-source solutions and proprietary solutions from our partners. It allows us to get an optimal ratio of development and support price to warranty responsibilities and service support level.