E1 flows database

One of the key tasks to be solved by mobile communications companies is resource usage optimization. Bandwidth of communication channel is limited, so, as the network spreads, efficient usage of the channel becomes harder and harder.

"E1 flows database" software product helps to achieve maximal communication channels usage efficiency by automation of tracing flows, which use these channels. It helps to avoid many troubles that are usual while doing this work manually.

Оптимальный маршрут потока Е1



Manual tracing

Automated tracing

Specialist, who does flows tracing, may use non optimal route, because his topology data is out of date. Moreover, it's too difficult to keep in mind whole network topology.

E1 system always uses up-to-date data about system topology and chooses the optimal route.

Communication flows are used inefficiently, some channels are overloaded, some channels are almost not used.

E1 system automatically optimizes the communication channels load, keeping balance between flow length and channels load.

Reserve flows also can be non optimal, different flows can use same resources and be in conflict.

Reserve flows are formed automatically, E1 system maximizes the length of backed up flow fragments and resolves conflicts between different flows.

Key software features:

  • Automatic E1 flows route generation based on network topology data:

Flow tracing generation

  • Flexible setting of optimal route search rules (search by route length, resources availability, channel types)
  • Network topology visualization

Network topology visualization

  • Flows structure (elements are grouped by locations) and resource usage visualization:

Flow structure visualization

  • Automatic generation of reserve routes.

  • E1 system is accessed via the web interface, so there is no need to install any software on client computers.

  • Several search modes for network elements and flows by basic criterias.

Flow search by network element name

  • Ability to block a network element or a location with several network elements (all flows, which use blocked elements, will be automatically regenerated).

  • Statistics about network state for a specified period of time.

Statistics by network elements

  • Data import from outer sources.

  • Seamless integration into customers' enterprise portal structure.