Liferay Portal based solutions

Services, which are available via a Web interface, play an important role in business of modern companies. Many of us used used to working with web mail, address book, calendar or corporate forum. As the quantity of these applications grows, their support and administration becomes a very time-consuming task. So, sooner or later, any company faces a problem of services integration.

The best solution of the problem stated above is an enterprise portal, which provides a centralized access to all corporate web services. A enterprise portal has many advantages over independently functioning applications:

  • All applications share a common platform, so their administration is centralized.
  • Employees get access to all services by a single portal account.
  • Centralized access control to all resources with a system of roles, user groups, departments and communities.

Another important feature of enterprise portals is converting existing web applications to portlets (portlet is a portal application). So, the web portal is deployed, there is no need to refuse to use existing web services, because they can be easily integrated into the new portal structure.

Our company is engaged in Liferay Portal based enterprise portals development and deployment for more than 7 years. Liferay is an open source powerful modern platform. It's one of the most popular solutions for enterprise portals because of the following reasons:

  • Liferay is pure Java, so it's cross-platform and developers are free to use all the features of Java platform.
  • Liferay comes with many preinstalled portlets, and there are even more free portlets made by the developers community, so even complicated portals can be created quickly and easily.
  • Liferay Portal is compliant with all key industry standards (JSR-286, JSF-314, JSR-170, WSRP and JBI). Liferay implements Portlet 1.0 (JSR-168) and Portlet 2.0 (JSR-286) specifications, so it can work with portlets, which were designed for different Java portals.
  • Portlets written in other popular programming languages (PHP, Ruby, Python) can run in Liferay, right along side Liferay applications in Java.
  • Liferay provides flexible administration via the centralized control panel interface.
  • Liferay provides seamless integration with outer applications and services (for example, SSO services).
  • Liferay's look and feel can be easily customized with help of skins and page templates.

Although portlet development seems easy, it requires strong knowledges and skills. In addition to expertise in web applications development technologies, programmers must understand portal architecture, know portal API for seamless portlet integration and know unavoidable issues and problems of current portal version. Experience and qualification help our specialists to solve successfully any problems with Liferay Portal based solutions, both during development and during installation and support. We offer:

  • Portlet development – from simple database applications to complex enterprise management systems.
  • Integration of existing applications (both written in Java and other programming languages) into an enterprise portal.
  • Design and introduction of infrastructural solutions, which help to meet quality of service and performance requirements.
  • Support and improvement of existing Liferay based solutions.