Disaster Recovery

“In any field of scientific endeavor, anything that can go wrong, will.”© Murphy's law
 Of course it is common knowledge that any system can fail and systems with  high availablity too.
It's amazing but the most of system administrators never think how using effective organization steps for minimize consequence of system fail.
Yes, we know how. Also we know weakness well and understand how prevent serious bruises and injuries for your business. 
Do you know exactly up to minutes and seconds how many time you need for recovery your database (with contacts of your customers and history of your relationships) from the tape library? Are you sure? And if your database is more then 1 TB?
We can offer:
  • Analysis of the current configuration of the main, reserve and secondary servers.
  • Check and configuration the system backup and recovery.
  • Estimation of  the effectiveness of redundant data channels.
  • Development of a restoration plan , where each employee will have a formal instruction of  behavior in case of failure.
  • Offer a configuration of backup data center.
  • Simulation of  different configurations in our lab and test failure for any component of the system.