Performance Analysis

Sometimes any system (even  new and very expensive)  can have problems with performance.. Why? There are a lot of reasons. One of them and it is very important that some bugs were done in the first part of system development.
Of course we are not gods but we know how  to solve problems with performance , to identify system bottlenecks, to optimize system  settings.
The analysis consists of the following stages:

  • System overview , collecting configuration information,  physical inspection of equipment.
  • Instalation the performance monitoring software.
  • Collecting data performance at the moments of ordinary and peak workload.
  • Analysis of collected data.
  • Development a system model  (optional).
  • Issuing recommendations and development a detailed plan for a phased implementation of the recommendations.
  • Plan  adoption and  implementation.
  • Collect performance data and validation of the implemented recommendations.

We always try to improve  performance  only by using your current environment and hidden possibilities of your system. We consider that as a rule it is possible to aviod purchasing new hardware or software.  However if we are sure , for example, that a new adapter or extra memory  for  an array or for server can lead to dramatic performance improvement, we will specify it in the report.

Also we can provide a wide range of different equipment for testing our recommendations.