Load Testing with TSLoad

TSLoad is a complex set of tools that allow to simulate computer workloads in realistic way. Unlike benchmarks that intended to measure maximum performance of system by running it at maximum throughput (and through that forgetting about request latency that is in our opinion is important too), TSLoad is intended to simulate workload that generated by N users. It is also modular, so basically it doesn't support any workload class at all, like ab is intended to benchmark web-servers or iozone - filesystems. TSLoad is an engine that provides capabilities to describe workload in flexible way, and takes some responsibilities to create multiple threads, and process experiment config in JSON format, and pass it to a module.
TSLoad have four operating modes:

  1. Microbenchmarking mode
  2. Simulation mode
  3. Time-series mode
  4. Trace-reproduction mode

It is also crossplatform and currently supports Linux, Windows and Solaris.

TSLoad documentation

Download TSLoad

TSLoad repository on GitHub: https://github.com/myaut/tsload