Now it is really not easy to find a company without using Information Technologies in its life. Yes, for us,these two words are always marking out in bold style. Service of equipment service and tuning, customer consulting, office applications (for example for HR and finance) installation and support of course, are not full list of everyday IT specialist routine responsibilities. These tasks don't depend on company's size, a type of business and employees' quantity.

IT outsourcing means taking such routine out from your or a company by involving professional IT organizations. It looks like to ask "husband on hour" to hammer a nail.  Professionals should do it, while yours "dear" is switching strategically important TV-channels.

Outsourcing will significantly reduce expenses and increase quality of services because you can subcontract really experienced professionals in wide and complicated IT area. We can outsource:

  • Help Desk Service

  • Remote diagnosis Hardware and Software from wide range of vendors

  • On-site diagnosis and service

  • IT administration

  • Center of Monitoring

  • Support IT services for small businesses

  • and so on...

During providing services we always work from behalf of your company and have access to confidential information. Information's utilizing and disclosure are obligatorily stated in contracts between companies, scrupulously checked by both sides. Information's safety is protected by NDA amendment.