IT support for small business

Small business is evolving constantly, for their successful development they often need to use information technology in most part of their life. Sometimes using of modern information technology means increasing costs for their service and support. Therefore a lot of companies tries to find easy and frequently cheap ways for resolve this problem. One of them is transfer technical services and support to another company, for which it is the main activity. Now this practice is names IT outsourcing.

There are following key areas:

  1. Сomprehensive IT outsourcing - the transfer of functions to serve the entire IT infrastructure. It is allowed a customer to concentrate on core areas of activities.

  2. Partial IT outsourcing - the transfer some kind of services or functions from the IT department. It is applied when a company has own system administrator, who can be overloaded, or he isn't so qualified for this case. Usually there are following projects: the development of web-site, installation of structured cabling or system administration.

Independent of the chosen direction, Our company can provide a high level of service and create favorable conditions for productive work of your team. In our work we always use our great practical experience in operation of various information systems. Our experts operatively are ready to create an individual project, considering all aspects of your business. . Also we can offer complete solutions for small business, effectiveness of which was confirmed by practical use.

For example, one of the complete solutions includes comprehensive support for server in the company office. The server uses free (probably open-source) software where licensing fees aren't required. This software is included all services for collective work for office and provides safe and comfortable work for company. The server provides all necessary services, such as:

Access to the Internet

  • Antivirus traffic inspection

  • Access control

  • Logging of user activity


  • Protection of company's internal network against external threats

  • Preventing unauthorized interactions of local users with external systems

Remote access of employees to company intranet

  • Connection of geographically distant offices

  • Transparent access to internal resources for working from home

  • Access to internal resources for staff on a business trips

The e-mail service

  • Common address book

  • Collaboration with shared letters

  • Effective spam filtering

  • Antivirus traffic inspection

  • Sorting of incoming messages

Instant messaging

  • Common address book

  • Ability to communicate in a group

Print services with network printers support

File sharing server

  • Antivirus scanning of files

  • Access control

  • Quotation and content control

  • Encryption of data on disk

Domain controller for workstations

  • Connection necessary file shares

  • Configuring network printing

  • Configuring application software

  • Assignment of security policiy

  • General setting for a new user

  • Transparent migration of existing stand-alone computers into the domain

Automated network installation of workstations

  • Including necessary software

  • installation the drivers for your hardware

  • Automatically configuration for installed software

Private branch exchange (PBX)

  • Providing "mobility" of internal users

  • Organization of communication between geographically distant offices

  • Consolidations telephone capacity of branches in a single numbering plan

  • Organization of audio and video conferencing

Backup system of user data

  • backup data with the ability to restore files at a specific point in time

Our solutions scale to geographically remote locations, allowing employees from different cities to effectively resolve common cases.