The functionality of the Help Desk also known as Level 1 of technical support is most similar to the "separation of the wheat from the chaff". You need to take unstructured request information from customer (often with emotion in critical situations), determine the level of service, submit service request (a.k.a case), and transfer it to a engineer. Seems to be easy? However, goals of that are sufficiently serious :

1) Calm the client and set it to a dialogue.

This is perhaps the main point for a constructive description of the problem. We've seen a lot of serious problems. In all of them the key points are politeness and patience together with the effectiveness of the further processing of the service request.

2) Identify the customer's ability to receive services, so called entitlement checking.

Service provider must be able to search the database of customers with selection of customer's service levels. Keys for the selection are system serial number, contract number, number of software licenses, etc.

Customer can supply that information to us in various forms - tables or lists, databases, or access to client's internal systems.<

3) Definition of service level (SLA)

One of the main difficulties - to define clearly in which cases engineers must immediately process the request, or could delay it for time optimization purposes. Typically, the time parameters clearly defined in SLA, but there are exceptions to every rule, which we, as an outsourcing company must to know and apply it.

4) Registering and maintaining support requests.

Special systems for processing cases is key point for our daily work. If you has own processing system, we will use it, if not, then we can offer for rent, our self-developed, web-based system.

When creating a case, we analyze customer information, and creates the initial technical investigation of the problem, which includes following structured data: description of the problem, the time and place of its occurrence, under which circumstances the problem has or has not appeared. In addition, we sends a request to collect diagnostic information using special tools.

5) Transfer of the service request.

You give us rules - we choose a particular engineer (which can be your engineer or from other third-party company), group or queue. In this case, we consider the type of hardware or software, service, and you define additional factors. There are many ... Let's discuss it together?