Field Services on-site

Nightmare of System Administrator - to open server room - and there is.... Silence! Do you have such things happen? In such cases, an engineer is like a fireman. Extinguish fires, rescue people - and all this with minimal losses. Here remote diagnostics, and other ways of solving problems are impossible! We are ready to provide field services to the customer's site engineer with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience in the extreme situations.

1) On-site arrival

We can not promise that our engineer, if necessary, can be anywhere in the world in 10 minutes, but we are ready to discuss with you the maximum time of arrival of the engineer, which we can provide for your location.

2) Assess the situation

Upon arrival at the place of installation engineer solves two main tasks. Firstly, in the case of complete inoperation of the system must determine if it can quickly be restarted into the production and assess the possible consequences, such as reduced productivity or availability. Second, provides a preliminary diagnosis of the problem, identify faulty components and methods for their isolation.

3) Providing workaround

If the operation of the system without missing any of its characteristics is not possible for any reason, such as the faulty component that you want to order from a supplier of equipment, our engineers will try to offer a temporary solution that will ensure the operation of the system in a form that will satisfy you to the final solution.

4) Gathering diagnostic information

If it is impossible uniquely identify the main cause of problems or there is need for service request placement to  the vendor, our engineers will ensure collection of the necessary diagnostic information, register a service request and provide cooperation with the hardware or software manufacturer.

5) Replacement of faulty components

Our engineers provide qualified replacement of faulty components in a time when it is convenient to you. if possible, the replacement will be made without stopping the system, otherwise they will offer ways to minimize system downtime.  Replacement will be made after the necessary actions for the system, returned to its original state, in which it worked before the crash occurred.

6) Development of recommendations

After solving the problem, our engineers will offer their recommendations on a system that will allow minimum consequences of possible failures in the system, and in many cases, avoid them.