Remote Diagnosis

Remote diagnosis is a complex and complicated part of service to search and define causes of faults in hardware and software systems. The main aim is to resolve faults and prevent them in the future.

Modern business solutions imply high availability not only for equipment, system and application's software, but also require well-qualified and in-time service. Ability to find bugs quickly, to change configuration and to provide solution is really critical for the most of companies. Also the importance of the remote diagnosis is tightly connected with the effectiveness of decentralized business applications and network computing. In a lot of cases there is no possibility to make on-site visit quickly or this visit can be expensive for customer.

Remote diagnosis provides the following service:

  • investigation fault's information from system logs or diagnostic software outputs

  • carefully analysis of error messages and localization the problem

  • creating the report about system faults and causes of them

  • providing action plan to restore the system functions

  • preparation of proactive recommendations to prevent such faults in the future

There are two major instruments for successfully resolve problems with remote diagnosis:

  • analysis of collected  data by support engineers and system administrators

  • remote connection to defective system via secure shell connection, rdp protocol, VNC, etc. observing rules from customer's security IT service

Our company have really experience in remote service and diagnosis of wide range systems - from workstations to high-end datacenters, including storage and backup systems as well as high availability and computing clusters. Our engineers have deep knowledge of modern and complicated equipment and system software, they always have own sometimes non-standard approach to problem solving.