System Administration

How many engineers do you need for support your system consisting from server, small storage and application? One? Probably two? Are you sure? What about vacations and illness? Do you need really experienced person? Or a beginner will be enough. Are your office working 7x24? Can your engineer be on site after 1-1.5 hours after breakdown of the system considering any problems such as city bridges and traffic jam or city holiday? What are you going to do if your equipment occupy more then 1 room? A manger knows these questions well but unfortunately he doesn't know answers.

IT administration's outsourcing allows to receive support from qualified system administration department and avoids expenses for employees.

Our company provides various services, and knows well all problems about complexity of administration modern computing systems. We offer to take out system administration from tasks of your company:

1) Routine administration of Linux, Solaris, other UNIX-like and Windows operating systems

The "routine administration" means administration of the services (with some exceptions), which are included with the operating system in base. We configure and customize your systems, also we can dooptimization, migration service with available data, and so on.

2) Administration of infrastructure products

Additional system software is always or almost associated with the current operating environment, and provides additional functionality. For example Sun Directory Server or Active Directory. We will outsource all hardware and software systems that are necessary for functionality of your IT infrastructure.

3) Administration of application and business software

What application do you usually use? We can support them For complex and integrated projects we can invite other specialists and subcontractors.

4) Collaboration with Technical Support

Was it a system failure? Do you need to restore the system? Do You need to install upgrades or migration to new version of system or application software? Do you need to log the service request for replacement a disk? Is it necessary to collect a monitor from warranty service? We can do it too. It will be able to improve the efficiency of obtaining your services and make your service life easily. Effectively interacting with the OEMs, vendors and service centers, knowing their weaknesses and strengths.