Monitoring center

In ancient Russia a special lookout towers were built in each settlement , where people observed locality and could see enemy's attacks, fire, and other dangerous for town situations. Also our ancestors usually built a high bell tower,  for the same reasons. This tower became a really citizen of a town. People could know warnings about bad news or about holidays. Modern analogue of bell and lookout towers in information technologies is monitoring service.

The main aim of monitoring service is an efficient detection and notification of emergency situations in your systems. There are special groups that are engaged for 24x7 monitoring of all resources in large companies. It seems reasonable for taking out this service from the company's state.

We are offering:

  • 24x7 service in your site or in our office

  • the development and execution of clear regulations for duty engineer and service monitoring

  • available tools for monitoring hardware and software infrastructure

  • implementation of service level agreements (SLA)

  • monitoring services, functionality of individual network and local services

  • performance monitoring